Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Girl's Night Out - Skylark Bracket Frame

Do you want to have a Girl's Night Out on your own schedule?  You could be at home in your pj's crafting away!

I have my project offered this month, May 2014, to share with you! 

Skylark Bracket Frame
Created by Nancy Womersley
Original by Renee Wichert

You can purchase this safely with PayPal.  I will ship you everything needed to complete this art (except adhesives) and complete assembly directions.

Add photos and this is an adorable graduation gift or gift for any occasion!

If you have any questions, please leave me a comment.  And here's to Girl's Night Out whenever you can find the time!

Thanks for stopping by!  Nancy


  1. Hate to bombard your comments here but I couldn't reply to your question about my card/envelope duo. I hope this helps...if not, e-mail me at scrappink_katy at hotmail dot com.

    You seal the envelope like you would if you were going to mail it off.

    Then wrap your belly band around the center of the envelope make sure the end edges meet at the center (left to right) and adhere.

    Put envelope (with belly band adhered) into your cutter and cut into two pieces (for our A2 Kraft envelopes, it was about 2-7/8").

    Decorate the envelope with other embellishments if you'd like.

    Make your card - I used postcard style but you can do anything.

    As far as being able to mail this or having to put it into another envelope, I would put into another envelope...the two sides of the envelope won't stay together through the mail...even if you have twine or ribbon tied around it like I did, it could easily slip off.

    HTH you out, Nancy!